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A tale about the

Time, Aging and

Theory of relativity.

“ÁTIMO” is an independent documentary, which addresses our relationship with Time, Aging and the paradoxes of Knowledge around one of the most important theories in the history of science: the Theory of Relativity.
Created by Albert Einstein, the Theory of Relativity was proven to the world more than 100 years ago through an experiment carried out IN BRAZIL. And, subsequently, ended up changing the course of history with one of humanity's most infamous and dangerous inventions: the Atomic Bomb.

O Filme
Os Fatos


Einstein's Theory, its relationship with Brazil and its implications for

the World.

The project gained even more urgency after Brazil found itself enveloped, from 2018 onwards, in a fog of denialism and anti-scientific radicalism. Identified and strengthened in groups formed on social media, they dedicated themselves to denying things like Covid19, vaccines, democracy, basic socio-environmental rights and all types of science.
ONE OF THEM GAINED MEDIA AND FOLLOWERS BY DENYING ALBERT EINSTEIN'S THEORY OF RELATIVITY , and even registered with the Civil Police a symbolic BO against the Scientist "for numerous errors and disturbances in the scientific evolution of the planet because of the Theory".

The complainant did not dedicate himself to studying physics to challenge Einstein. I also didn't know that the place that housed the astrological observation that proved the Theory of Relativity is precisely in Brazil. In recent years, Brazil has faced a real war against Knowledge.
This film was made so that young people in Brazil also know who Einstein was, what his brilliant mind was capable of, WHERE he obtained the definitive proof of his theory and what were the most dramatic consequences of his influence in the world.

A Ideia


A single trilogy about our relationship with Time

"SPARK" is a fragment of a mini documentary series that

proposes an anthological study on the relationship between Humanity and the passage of Time, using a conceptual narrative structure to talk about




of our relationship with Time.

SPARK is about THE PAST of this relationship.

The main characteristic of the project is to work around a kind of "collision course" between the views of Science, Philosophy and the objective experience of Characters who have had intense experiences on the theme of each episode.



The film features special appearances by some of Brazil's best-known and most admired thinkers, such as:

  • Philosopher Mario Sergio Cortella, one of Brazil's sought-after speakers;

  • The writer and educator Rubem Alves, ïn memorian";

  • The physicist and specialist in the Theory of Relativity, doctor

George Matsas.

But chance ended up bringing one of the most impressive and relevant stories today: that of Takashi Morita, ONE OF THE LAST SURVIVORS of the Hiroshima atomic bomb , thus closing a story with elements that address one of the darkest and most dangerous nightmares today: tension nuclear power that has taken hold in the world in a way that has not been seen since the Cold War.

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